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Capital Factory Ask Me Anything

Capital Factory Ask Me Anything

I was recently invited to participate in Capital Factory "Ask Me Anything" Slack (👍awesome BTW👍) session and was asked the following question about marketing in growth-stage tech companies:

"It's rare that Marketing gets involved in Strategy and Execution; I see from your background you've been really successful at this. Do you have any insights for how a company can position marketing to achieve that role in the growth of a business? How can marketing move from just an executor to become a strategic part of the organization?" Below is what I learned from a mentor early on in my career that forever changed my thinking about the role marketing must play in young companies. Know WHAT marketing's strategic purpose is in the organization:

  1. Track the overall market and competitive dynamics

  2. Determine how to penetrate early chosen markets at maximum speed - with emphasis on the "ideal" customer

  3. Build out the category/positioning & competitor kill points

  4. Lead the GTM team

  • PR and bus dev position the company for early market leadership

  • Product marketing is the SME for "ideal" customer for dev team, marcom, sales, etc. & builds out selling advantages

  • Marcom - discovers the "ideal" customers & builds programs that generate leads and prove key points of the category and positioning BAM! I love what i DO.

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