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Startup Marketing Wrap Up: October/November

Practical and Transformative

This October & November we went deeper into the practical elements of achieving PMF. We introduced core concepts like segmentation, we learned how to properly identify an ideal customer and we discussed strategies for developing a profile to bring that ideal customer to life. But it was also a very personal month as I shared the story of my upbringing and how poverty led me to my entrepreneurial approach.

And as I look back at this month, I’m very happy with the balance achieved these last two months. This is exactly the blend I wanted to create with FCM. I want to share with you tactile truths based off my years of experience. But I also want to personally wrestle with what it means to reach success. And I want to have that discussion with you.

Here’s what we learned this October/November.

FCM’s October/November Wisdom

· How the successful achieve because of their challenges, not in spite of them.

· Leveraging your strengths to overcome weaknesses.

· Seeking out team members and mentors to address and supplement your negatives.

· Cultivating wisdom by listening, not speaking.

· Taking hold of your first success.

· How success is built off self-awareness, observation and opportunity recognition.

· How to succeed by looking from the bottom up.

· Qualifying and quantifying market need.

· Developing multiple hypothesizes about your ideal customer base.

· Defining who is NOT your ideal customer.

· Bringing your ideal customer to life.

· Understanding the competitive landscape of your industry.

· Segmentation strategy.

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What’s Coming in December?

As we move deeper into November and kick-off December, we will continue to press forward and extrapolate more practical elements of achieving PMF and introduce the next phase of market development for an early stage company - Go-to-Market (GTM). We will discuss how to choose your segments and how to dial in your target strategy and how to test your customer hypotheses through an outreach/campaign strategies.

Keep pushing forward. And remember, there is nothing but hard work. Rely on your desire to work, acquire the skills necessary by putting in time and effort and you’ve got as good of a shot as anyone else to make it to the top.

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