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Seeking Wisdom

It is a rare few who can brave a climb of 8,848 meters, the lofty height to the summit of Mount Everest. Those who can complete the task immediately set themselves apart from a class of pedestrian climbers.

The costs of such a climb can seem immeasurable, but if you suffer through those treks, if you do in fact reach the summit, you immediately become something greater than you were before the climb.

Each year, only 1000 climbers will attempt the sojourn up Everest’s hazardous peaks. Of those 1000, less than 500 will reach its peak.

As entrepreneurs, the struggle to bring a new company from its inception to market domination is as lofty a task as scaling Everest. It takes resilience. Countless hours. Hard work. Grit.

Many will try. Most will fail.

But there is a rare few who discover in themselves the will to fight to the end. And as they climb higher and as the air grows thinner, they don’t buckle. They find more to give. Everest teaches them to work harder than they ever thought imaginable.

But we cannot ask these new climbers to make the daunting climb alone. They will never survive. We may as well ask them to go without a harness, rope or an ice ax.

To do something as impossible as the Everest climb, they need a guide that is a highly skilled and experienced climber. Someone who has been there before and can prepare the route to follow, fix ropes in place and carry the climbing equipment.

They need a Sherpa - one of who brings the most valuable tool of all. Wisdom.

Today, we live in a world where knowledge abounds. At every moment we have at our fingertips an endless supply of knowledge.

But what good is all this knowledge without the wisdom to help navigate the gotchas and dangers of the climb? Wisdom takes effort, trial, error, pain, blood sweat, and tears.

I’ve worked in the marketing sphere for 20+ years. I’ve seen my share of successes and failures.

My first startup built in me a love for working through the early stages of a company. It taught me the importance of marketing in creating a whole new industry category and dominating it. We disrupted the entertainment space well before streaming services. It was Blockbuster Video, and we brought big screen entertainment into the neighborhoods.

That was only the beginning of my startup experience. I’ve taken 11 tech startups through rounds of successful funding, with two IPO’s and three acquisition exits. But most importantly, I’ve gathered a great deal of wisdom.

And now I want to share it with you as you begin to climb your Everest.

Climbing 8,848 meters to the top of Everest seems an impenetrable task. But it’s not. You need two things before you can make the climb.

Hard work.

And the help and wisdom from someone who has been there before you.

Welcome to Everest - weekly marketing wisdom to support the climb.

Let’s accelerate the climb together.

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