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September: A Month in Marketing

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

We went strong this September.

And now as we push further into the fall, it’s time to take a small breath and reflect. I know you and your company want to go, go, go- and that’s the right instinct. But if we really want to dominate the market, we need to take the time to properly survey the landscape.

If you want to do the incredible and reach PMF and go-to-market, yes it’s going to take a lot hard work. But it will also take precision and wisdom. One brief moment of reflection can mean everything in ensuring that your company is speeding forward on the right path.

So as October takes off where September left off - let’s take a pause to look at all the wisdom we gained this month.

FCM’s September Wisdom

September’s blogs highlighted;

  • The value of grit.

  • The difference between knowledge and wisdom.

  • Why your company needs a mentor - someone who has been there before.

  • The rule of 3’s and the survival course like preparation required to find PMF before your company starves.

  • The importance of marketing as it specifically pertains to PMF.

  • How the right marketing strategy uncovers market needs, sniffs out the ideal customer and drives conversations.

  • The key to finding PMF- keeping it simple.

  • The core questions that will assist you in finding PMF.

  • Why companies need to stop the disastrous trend of “faking it till you make it” and should replace it instead with hard work, courageous creativity, and real ingenuity.

The Marketing Landscape

We are a part of a giant marketing community. The landscape of our industry is wide. FCM is a mighty member but ultimately we are a puzzle piece inside a much larger framework. So each month, I want to take the time to highlight work from peers and contemporaries that can create even more value to early stage companies and founders.

September Posts from Around the Marketing World

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How marketers cope in an increasingly skippable advertising environment

Target acquired: How to define and use your ideal target market

What's Coming in October

And now it is finally time to look forward into the fall, because there is a lot of work to be done. Now that you’ve taken the time to recharge, reflect and garner wisdom- your company needs you to keep pressing on.

October at FCM will center on tangible methods for reaching PMF quickly while laying the groundwork for the go-to-market stage.

Topics will include:

  • How to align customer pain points with the market need

  • Segmenting and building beach heads for your early product

  • Driving engagement with early stage customers

  • Laying the groundwork for the go-to-market stage

It has been a massive month. We have done a lot of work. And before us there is even more work to do. And that is the way it will always be. Surviving the early stages of a company is akin to scaling Everest. No one told you it would be fun. But I am telling you it will be rewarding.

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