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Marketing that Accelerates the Climb

The struggle to bring a new company from it's inception to market dominance is a lofty of a task as scaling Everest.  

It takes resilience. Countless hours. 

Hard Work. Grit.



Speed & Precision Matter



Every early stage company has its Everest to climb. When making such a climb,  time is of the essence, and missteps can be costly. Failing to find rapid product/market fit and executing go-to-market with precision will deplete your company's most valuable resources - time and money.   


  • Founding teams are spread thin.  You need the marketing expertise to help find and validate the problem and product/market fit. Without the right positioning, messaging, marketing strategies, and testing frameworks, you blow through cash and waste valuable energy ergs.


  • Failing to attract or engage customers wastes critical time, effort and money.   You need to find and target customers who value the advantages of your product or service and you need to do it quickly. 

  • Early stage companies have a small window of opportunity to score a direct hit on their customers, competition and market.  You need to execute an attack that positions you to win, now.




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Marketing That Accelerates the Climb

 I took the lessons learned for the last 20+ years and created Everest - a proprietary framework for the two most important stages of market development for any early-stage company - the validation and growth stages.  Everest is based on a three motion methodology that details the steps, assets & requirements to speed time to product/market fit and execute go-to-market with precision.

FCM Market Engines are purpose-built engines that help you execute your climb with metrics, messaging and digital marketing to track, engage and convert ideal customers into market traction.

VALIDATION ENGINE: Product/Market Fit & Go-to-Market 

  • Marketing that identifies and targets specific segments to prove out ideal customer hypotheses

  • Creates positioning and messaging that engages your ideal customer and drives conversations  

  • Measures and validates market need and positioning, product value and 10X advantages


  • Marketing that scales to target many segments and creates hyper-demand for your solution 

  • Air war and ground war campaigns that:

    • Position company for early market leadership 

    • Enable sales and marketing to penetrate chosen markets at maximum speed

  • Market bursts that grab the market's attention and generates buzz

Partner with A Seasoned Climber


The Route


You need to know your route before you start the climb. FCM partners with your team to help identify the market need for your solution and ideal customer targets and profiles. 

The Climb


Once you know the route, you are ready to start the climb.  FCM marketing strategies and plans outline the precise steps to attack the market and crush the competition.   

The Team


FCM won’t leave you alone in the cold.  We help execute your plans and ensure your strategies and processes are scalable. 

Don't just enter the market quietly - dominate it.  That's what it means to be the Yeti.

Highlighted Clients:

About Me

Marketing executive with over 20 years in technology marketing and sales for early and growth-stage startups.


I’m Denise Court, founder of Full Court Marketing. I’m a senior-level marketing executive with the battle scars to prove it. 


I have been a critical part of a company's early successes and have been a part of scaling a venture from $0 to $100M in three years.  Having taken 12 early-stage companies through rounds of successful funding  (including two IPOs and three acquisition exits), I am unlike most marketing executives in that I am as adept at strategy as I am execution.  I believe in paying it forward and have served as a mentor at the Capital Factory, TechStars, RealCo Accelerator and Longhorn Startup.

I have a deep love for working through the challenging first stages of a new venture.  It all started for me with my very first startup where we created a whole new industry category and dominated it. We disrupted the entertainment space well before streaming services. That startup was Blockbuster Videos, and we brought big screen entertainment into the neighborhoods.

It was through my early time working on Blockbuster that I truly learned the importance of marketing.  And today, I am just as passionate about marketing and technology as I was then.  From AI and blockchain to security and SaaS, I make it my business to stay on top of technology trends. 

Companies in the “seed to C” financing stages need sound strategic counsel, as well as a seasoned marketer who can run critical, day-to-day tactical executions that move the needle. I take pride in offering visionary leadership while always remaining a team player.









A Few Kind Words

"Denise Court is one of the most talented and capable marketing executives in the technology business. Her success spans all sectors of the industry and at every stage. She particularly shines when a company is at that confusing time - when it has a great vision dying to get out to the world, but needs the messaging and execution to make it real."

- Mike Maples Jr.

Floodgate Fund, LP

“Court is one of the trusted go-to marketing leaders in Austin that specifically understands the marketing challenges tech start-ups face. She has the unique ability to provide strategic council, while understanding the nuances of day-to-day execution. She is both a visionary leader and diligent team player who gets it done.”

- Chris Pacitti

Founder and Partner, Elsewhere Partners

"Denise is one of the few marketing executives that can help formulate long-term strategy and go-to-market for the business and then turn around and determine the programs and tactics to achieve those goals. She is tenacious while being a total team player... she is goal oriented while being able to read and react to changes in the business... she appreciates that true, sustaining growth and success comes from running a marathon (not a sprint). She doesn't mind working hard and is a great ally to her team. Denise is not complacent, doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, and calls things for what they are - - all with the goal of making the company successful."

- April Downing

(formerly CFO Motive & Skyence)

"Denise Court is a mastermind of marketing. She has taught me so much about the big picture of marketing - and life - as a client, a partner, and a mentor. Denise has the rare ability to connect high-level strategy with the people and tactics needed to drive results. She possesses a deep understanding of technology and how it has evolved that brings insight and context to every campaign, coupled with a modern approach to testing and iterating on everything."

- Kari Hernandez

President, INK PR

"Denise's vast knowledge of product and marketing in the start up space would be hard pressed to find outside of Full Court Marketing.  Her ability to mentor, teach, and lead the way left me with new skills, new confidence, and a 'level up' in my business game. It's unusual to find a true mentor who carries an authentic passion to mentor and leave those around her better people along the way." 

- Erica McMannes

CEO, Co-Founder MadSkills & Military Spouse

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It’s challenging to scale Everest, but FCM makes it possible.

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